Sunday, May 14, 2006

For Joe...

Shout out to Stef-a-poo-poo. He wanted a new post. So here ya go.

There are many things I am tempted to write about tonight. I have a lot on my mind. Nothing bad. Nothing melodramatic enough to blog it. I haven't yet found the right use for this thing. It's not a diary...well it shouldn't be. I am well aware that some people use it as one. God knows what some teenager has plucked out from his keyboard about me...some God awful half-truth about me..."Oh that fat bitch..." Yeah, something like that...a decide which half is which.

I could spin some tales of my own. Some classroom horror stories ranging from blatant incompetence... "Boo Radley is, like, black, right?" ..."Wrong." To what basically borders on emotional iron man competition between me and a 15 year old mental midget with acne... "GET OUT OF MY CLASSROOM!" ..."Yeah, well it doesn't matter! It's not like I respect authority." ... "Well, goodness, %^&* that's the smartest, most perceptive thing you've said all year."

I hear that prison is hard time...grueling, back-breaking Brokeback Mountain type work... 25 years for a full pension and health insurance in the instution of education - not the big house, but the school house, isn't much better.

How was that Joe? Somewhat ranty, but that's what I'm doing right now, so that's all I got.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Back in the Saddle...

So, the show opened this weekend and it's crazy. I was so nervous. I felt like a real rookie. It's weird. Ten years ago, I couldn't see myself doing anything but acting. It was what I wanted to do. Then, in college, I directed so much - before this weekend, I hadn't been on stage since I did Our Town in 2000. That was a LONG time ago. I felt like I was doing it for the first time. And, I was really intimidated...the other actors had a lot of training...and the worst was when Marie asked us for headshots...and I was like, uh..... All I had a was a picture of me and my niece. lol... So next to all of the other headshots is a random picture of Ang and

The first show was really rough...I was worried...I thought WHAT AM I DOING? But Saturday night, once I got up there, I felt like I was 16 again. I was in place. I was where I belonged.

I don't know what is going to come next, but I am keeping with the way I've been doings things. I am just waiting for something to come my way...let the cosmos make things happen...I'm up for anything.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006...Resolutions anyone?

Another lap completed, another lap begun in the race of life. Oh, sheer brilliance. Someone quick! Write that down!

I share in the complete surprise that another year has been put to rest. Yes, I own a calendar; it should not have been so shocking. It is too cliche to say that this year flew. To a certain extent, it didn't. Some of it was slow and sweet. Spring seemed like a stroll. Immediately followed by a runaway train summer that was happier than I could have ever expected given the circumstances.

Lots of lolling over was done in my 2005. I think I thought too much. Over thinking brings over analyzing brings over-self-scrutiny...I made that last one up and it works because I used a hyphen.

It was a year of surprises. I surprised myself more than anyone or anything else did. I developed a relationship with my sister that I never thought I'd have. I lived differently. I got a New Year's resolution seven whole months late. Yet, I've stuck to it. I'm happier than I've been in a really long time...which is pretty amazing given that I am generally a happy person to start. At nearing 26 I feel most like myself than I ever have. Things seem to be under control here.

With the most important New Year's resolution now a full five months old today, I have room to spare for a new resolution. At this time, I'd like to thank my friend Steve for an inspiring asskicking on Friday night. If there were to be a resolution for 2006, then he penned it on a paper napkin at the Telephone Bar in NYC over some Red Stripes and a few cigarettes. However, I think I'm leaving this year's blank.

When the ball dropped last night, I began to think about Eves past. In the ten second countdown I would usually do a fast mental recap of the year's events with footnotes of what I liked about those moments and what I would have changed. Then, with seconds to spare, I'd make a wish, visualize what I'd like to see in next year's montage. This year, however, I was dry. I saw everything that happened, but I could not muster up even the faintest image of what is to come. I wonder how I would have panicked about this in years past. Does the absence of a futuristic vision mean no future at all? Is it death? Does it mean I have lost my sense of imagination? Or of hope? A year wiser, I think that it means that 2006 will be a year that cannot be imagined. For whatever reason, it wants to drop no hints. It needs to open slowly and reveal itself when it is ready.

In 2005, I learned patience. In 2006, I shall learn to put patience to practice.

Happy New Year.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

True Loves...

I have two. Counting Crows and Ben Folds. All roads seem to lead back to them. Lately, it's been Crows. One song in particular. It's a rare one - "Barely Out of Tuesday" --- here's my favorite verse.

And all this distance aint going to bring you to me
what's the point of all this patience
its not your nature
you just keep what you need
and you got some pictures of me

Hmmmmm...I don't know. I just can listen to that over and over. I love how he can be so cryptic.

I'll be back onto Ben next week when I see him for the fourth time in 3 months...thinking about quitting teaching to become a groupie.

We'll see....

Monday, October 17, 2005

A Dinner Conversation with My Parents

Setting: Sevilla Spain Restaurant in Parsippany, NJ. Last night.

Characters: MOM, my mother. DAD, my father. STEF, my sister. ME, me. ANGELINA, my niece. WAITER.

MOM: So last night we talking...
ME: Who's we?
MOM: Daddy and me.
STEF: Oh...
DAD: We've made a decision.
MOM: We want another one.
ME: Another what?
MOM and DAD gesture towards ANGELINA.
ME: Uh...
STEF: Well....
ME: Uh...
MOM: What do you think?
STEF: I think that's impossible right now seeing as Jason is busy sleeping with my ex-friend...
ME: And, I'm sorta missing a vital part of the equation...
DAD: We know. But we have an idea...
MOM: Yes, when Jason comes next to see the baby...
STEF: I steal his sperm?
MOM: Well, let's face it...the only good thing he's ever done is...
DAD: procreate.
MOM: Artificial insemination.
ME: Enough.
DAD: What?
ME: Enough! This is getting bizarre.
MOM: We're just being honest about our feelings.
ME: You want one of your daughters to steal the sperm of her exfiance and you want me to have a child out wedlock.
STEF: Are you guys on drugs?
ME: Most of my friends parents would kill them if they got pregnant...and you're requesting that I do so?
WAITER: Can I get you something to drink?
ME: A pitcher of sangeria.
STEF: Make that two.

******This conversation is true. Completely, entirely true.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Think I'm Getting Old.

I think I'm getting old. Seriously, I am. Well, forget seriously - LITERALLY I am. This isn't some sort of midlife crisis sorta post either. I can actually form a thesis regarding this problem. Because it is a scientific/philosophical issue, I shall phrase my thesis in a manner that would be appreciated by certain college professors whose name might rhyme with Farry Smaas...who also repeatedly reduced my grade on his papers because I refused to go against my many years of education to never write a FORMULAIC thesis that sounds something like this, "In the following essay I will prove that Farry Smaas is a phony asshole who wishes that his name actually rhymes with Farry Smudini."

And so, my essay...

I am getting old. In this essay I will prove that I am getting old through the following reasons: I am now a full 10 years older than my students, I was embarrassed to go into Hollister, and I found a long, random hair growing out of my neck today.

I am now a full 10 years older than my students. They were born in 1990 and 1991. I find that to be frightening. My difference in age is consistently accentuated by the fact that they do not understand my many references to OJ Simpson and Jeffrey Dommer. Therefore, I am getting old.

I was embarrassed to go into Hollister. I tried doing this last weekend with my sister, who is, I can honestly say, more hip than most people, including me, will EVER be. I was there to buy her clothes for her birthday (which was in July) (Why am I buying her clothes now, you wonder? Because, in addition to getting old, I am getting poor...but that's for another essay). Upon arriving at the store, we noticed that there were two stairs that led to the entrance, but my niece and her stroller made entrance via the stairs an impossibility. We had to open the "window doors" and squeeze past a display to get into Hollister. This was when I began feeling old. The clientele was 10 years or more younger than us. We left. Upon exiting Hollister, my sister looked at me and we had the following exchange:

Stef: Uh.
Me: I...uh...
Stef: Right?
Me: I know.
Stef: Like 12 or 13 at most.
Me: I know.
Stef: Where were their mothers?
Me: We're getting old. (Then, I walked away to investigate a white Jerzey sweat shirt with an iron on puppy and sunflower applique that caught my eye.)

Therefore, I am getting old.

While looking in the mirror today I spotted a hair growing out of my neck. I noticed the hair. I never thought it could actually be GROWING out of my neck. I went to brush it away, but it did not move. It stayed. It was anchored tightly to my pore. It actually required removal by tweezer. This would be an occurrence chiefly experience by little old ladies. Therefore, I am getting old.

I am getting old because I am ten years older than my sister, I can't go into Hollister, and because I found a hair growing out of my neck. Therefore, I am getting old.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Feeling political

1. Anthony Weiner will not win the mayoral race in NYC because he looks to much like Jim McGreevey and his last name, for God's sake, is many paralells must one draw here???

2. ABC is debuting a drama this fall about a woman president....hmmmmmm....I wonder why????

3. I don't like to talk politics with friends. However, I am just going to say this because I feel like some of my friends are grossly misinformed. And, try to hear this without bias, just fact. Cathy Sheehan has already met with President Bush. Her son is one of many fallen heroes who pledged their life for the safety of ours. He was a volunteer. He enlisted. He joined on his own accord. There are, however, many benefits to enlisting as he did. A free education being one of these benefits. One must, therefore, understand that one cannot have the benefits without fulfilling his or her duty. Maybe he never thought he'd go to war, but that's not the point. Doing as he did is a risk. Lots of people do it. Granted not all end up in Iraq, but it's part of the deal. --- Cindy, we feel for your loss. The entire country shoulders your burden, but your son's death is not one person's doing. Move on.